How Dare You Manage?


How Dare you Manage?
Seven Principles to Close the CEO Skill Gap

by Nick Forrest
President, Forrest & Company Limited

Nick Forrest has looked back on his 25 years consulting in the c-suite to develop a comprehensive guide to closing the “CEO Skills Gap”. The book is an indispensable resource for current and future CEOs, executive team members, board members, consultants and senior HR executives.

How Dare You Manage? provides would-be, new or veteran CEOs with the “Seven Executive Management Principles” they need to be truly effective in their role. The seven principles give CEOs not only the framework for what it means to be a CEO, but also the tools they need to transform their organizations into the powerhouses that customers and shareholders expect.


How Dare You Manage? has been written to address the “CEO Skill Gap”: the gap in understanding and ability that confronts CEOs as they take the lead role in their organization.

The CEO skill gap represents what CEOs have never been taught: what it means to be a CEO, and what is expected of them. New CEOs do not:

  • Realize they are accountable for everything. Yes, everything.
  • Know how to be accountable for everything.

As a result, new CEOs discover that they suddenly have many more, not fewer, employees for which they are accountable: not only their immediate executive team, but all employees of the organization. Confronted with this, new CEOs realize that they just do not know how to effectively manage all employees.

Aspiring, new or seasoned CEOs can use How Dare You Manage? as the means to close their own skill gap and transform their organizations into effective and efficient engines to achieve strategy.

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